05 September 2012

Kanban Task Manager V1.1 Slides Ready For Release

Kanban Task Manager Business Solutions will very soon release a new version of Kanban Task Manager, the add-on for project and task management inside Outlook. I have a version that works just fine for me, so I have been able to finish the documentation update. Today I will introduce the new slideshow.

Visualize work processes
Kanban Task Manager uses the Kanban board idea on Outlook Tasks, so that team members can see how work with projects and tasks proceeds inside their Outlooks. Integrating the board in Outlook gives many advantages besides the benefit of using a platform that many people already know and use.
  • It is easy to drag and drop tasks between different phases of a project.
  • Tasks are synchronized automatically within the workgroup, so everything is up to date and everyone can see what is happening.
  • Tasks for multiple projects can be displayed in one Kanban board.
  • You can filter tasks by project and by responsible.
  • Statistics reports are automatically generated to Excel. Seven different reports are generated, and the data can be studied and shown with all the features of Excel.
V1.1 quicker and more efficient
The enhancements in the version of Kanban Task Manager that we will soon release have mostly come from input from evaluators and from our own staff, as we are also using our product. I have described them in earlier blog posts, so today I will just recommend you to have a look at the slideshow. If you already know Kanban Task Manager you will see the difference, and if our application is new to you I hope you will like what you see!

None of the slideshows are intended to be a full instruction on how this Outlook add-on works - for that we have the manual. Instead the slideshow is meant to be a first presentation of the application, so that the viewer can see if it might be interesting for the company or organization he or she represents. If the answer is yes, it is time to study the rest of the documentation and to try the application.

I hope you will enjoy the show even if the quality when showing it here is not the best. As soon as Kanban Task Manager V1.1 is released we will upload a .pps file to the website, to give you a slideshow with better quality for download.

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