29 August 2012 Gives Precedence To Support Services

Support and upgrades are always included in the fee when you subscribe to an application from Business Solutions. This way we can make sure our customers have up to date, well-functioning software. We also give support to evaluators. When people take their time to test one of our products we want it to be a pleasant experience. And if there are problems during the evaluation period, we will take the opportunity to show the high level of the Support Services.

Recently we have made a developer responsible for the support management, and we hope that this will further improve the connection between requests and complaints from Community Members and future development work. These staff members are the ones you will most likely meet in e-mails and chats if you contact the customer support:
Kanak Joshi image
Kanak Developer Kanak Joshi has taken over the responsibility for support management from Sigge Kalmstrom, after assisting him with support chats and e-mails for many months. Besides continuing with these customer and evaluator contacts Kanak is now also the one who makes sure all cases are followed up and brought to a satisfactory solution.  As she is also programming the products she knows them very well, and furthermore she understands how to explain solutions in a way that is easy to grasp for a non-technician.
Jayant Rimza image
Jayant Lead Developer Jayant Rimza is our rock, the one who solves the problems that the rest of the support team cannot manage. Jayant seldom answers e-mails, but he is the one who most often conducts a remote session when that is necessary to see the cause of a problem. In these cases we also have to engage the user, so we put our best force on the task to get the remote session done as quickly as possible.
Sigge Kalmstrom image
Sigge Kalmstrom is one of the three company owners and responsible for book-keeping, auditing and finances. For several years he has also been responsible for the support management, but now he has left that part to Kanak. Sigge will still answer support e-mails, though, as he works later than the Indian team members and thus can cover many of the hours they are away. He will also continue answering e-mails in German and Swedish.
Vipul Dindulkar image
Our Office Manager Vipul Dindulkar is a man of many talents. Managing everything around the office requires a lot, but Vipul also helps with answering support e-mails as soon as the office obligations allow him to.

The CEO and our QAs also follows closely what is happening in the support, even if they seldom answer e-mails or chats. The support is much appreciated, and the staff takes the praise they get as an encouragement to always do their very best.  You are welcome to contact the Support with questions anytime!

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