05 July 2012

SharePoint MetaData Creator - New Demos Show Development Progress

In an earlier blog post I told you about the new project, the MetaData Creator for SharePoint document libraries. Now the product has its own webpage with two new video demonstrations, one for the installation in SharePoint and one that shows the features that has been added to the application so far.

Nagging does not add metadata
SharePoint administrators often tell users repeatedly to add keywords when they upload documents to the company SharePoint site, but still this is something that users seldom do. The work is tedious, boring and time consuming, and people tend to avoid it if they can, or do it in an inconsistent way. The MetaData Creator will solve that problem, because adding keywords with MetaData Creator is more interesting and much quicker than doing it manually.
MetaData Creator keyword suggestions
Uncheck metadata you don't want
When the SharePoint MetaData Creator has analyzed a document it suggests a number of keywords for it. The keywords are categorized, and a small icon shows the category. At each suggested keyword there is a checkbox, so take a quick look and uncheck the box for the suggestions that are not relevant.

To make it even easier a popup at each suggested word or term shows how many times it is present in the document, and how relevant MetaData Creator finds it . When you have decided what metadata to keep, click OK to save and your document will be tagged with the keywords that are still checked after your review.

Simple installation

When MetaData Creator is released it will be downloaded from the website and then uploaded to the SharePoint site where it should be used. Then the administrator just have to activate it and it will be ready to start analyzing documents and generating keywords for them.

MetaData Creator homepage
The new application will be presented in the same way as the other products, with plenty of documentation. So far MetaData Creator only has a homepage, but it's a beginning. Eventually we will add some nice graphics and links to much more information and of course a download page. There will also be a page where the subscription conditions will be explained, because MetaData Creator will be licensed within the Community model.

You are very welcome to visit the MetaData Creator homepage to learn more and see the installation video also.

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