17 June 2012

New Kalmstrom in the team – Our best wishes to Siret and Peter!

This last Friday my husband Sigge and I were happy to welcome a new member to the Kalmstrom family, when Sales and Relations Manager Siret Toots married our son Peter, CEO of Business Solutions.
Siret and Peter first Photo
The couple met at Skype
Siret and Peter second PhotoPeter and Siret both worked at Skype when they first met, and they had known each other for quite a while when Peter decided to leave Skype, to concentrate more on his work at He then invited Siret to a dinner to thank her for good cooperation – and that was when both of them discovered that they had a lot more in common than work.

After that evening they became a couple, and last year Siret left her homeland Estonia to join Peter in Sweden and start working at

Siret is a great asset to both Peter and the company, and Sigge and I feel lucky that this kind and intelligent woman has now married our son and taken our family name, Kalmstrom (or Kalmström in Swedish).

Ceremony at Öland cottage

Peter has a small cottage right by the sea on Öland, the island off the south-east coast of Sweden where Business Solutions has its head quarters. The newly-weds will be spending the summer in the cottage, and they also intend to spend many future summers there.
Siret and Peter second Photo
The cottage is surrounded by old oak trees, and this is a good omen as oaks have been sacred in Estonia for thousands of years and still is. On the beach below the cottage there is a short pier, and that is where the marriage ceremony was held.
Siret giving Peter the ring
The official admonished the bride and groom to always remember what they felt for each other this day, and it will not be difficult for Peter and Siret to do that. They can see the pier where they became husband and wife from their living room and as soon as they step out the door!

Unconventional wedding
As you might have understood already, from the choice of place, the wedding was an unconventional event. Swedish weddings are normally not such big affairs as for example Indian ones, but even after Swedish standards Siret’s and Peter’s wedding was small. Only the closest family was present, but among them was the Matriarch, who is now 94 years old.Peter, Ingalill and Siret
It is also common for the bride to be dressed in white and for the groom to wear dark colors, but Siret and Peter wanted strong and joyful colors instead.

Peonies and Claddagh rings

Siret had chosen both the flowers and the design of the rings. For her bouquet she wanted peony buds in a very light pink color, and the rings are in white gold.
The new Mrs. Kalmstrom is very interested in history and knows a lot about the subject, and Peter had no objections when she wanted the old Irish Claddagh symbol, showing two hands clasping a heart, on their wedding rings. Inside the rings there is the text, “Peter forever” and “Siret forever”, and to reinforce the message there are tiny diamonds in the hearts of the ring – the strongest substance known to mankind!
Oliver, Peter and Siret

Siret and Sigge
Dinner of Öland products

After the ceremony the party made a short drive to the house where Sigge and I live, to have a long festive dinner. Öland is known for its gastronomy, and the meal made with mostly local products was delicious.

Kate and Siret
Siret and Peter sparkled with happiness. It was a joy to just look at them, and they will surely keep this lucky day in their hearts for the rest of their lives. They are not ordinary people, so this unconventional style for the marriage seems to have been just right for them.

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