06 June 2012

The Board At Work

Siret Toots is a team member I care much about, not only because she is a good sales and relations officer but also because she is a lovely girl who will soon be my daughter-in-law when she marries Peter, the CEO of Business Solutions.

I am delighted that Siret loves the island where Sigge and I live and where has its head quarters as much as we do. Here she will tell you about an unusual board meeting that took place the other day:
Siret Toots Photo
Öland is an island off the south-east coast of Sweden. It is one of those naturally amazing places that at least should make you forget about your daily toils and seduce you to soak up the wonders of Mother Earth ‒ or at least so I thought.

Last Saturday was one of those gorgeous spring days when you can already feel the hint of summer and smell the warmth in the breeze. CEO Peter Kalmström and I were out for a walk on an amazing nature trail in the north-western part of Öland, watching the birds and the bees and even a snake slithering happily by.
Peter Kalmstrom Photo
After the walk we sat down with our laptops to do a bit of work, when suddenly the other two members of the board, Kate and Sigge Kalmström, came strolling along the same trail with their dog Lisa. The chance encounter swiftly turned into an executive board meeting in one of nature’s most beautiful conference rooms. board photo
Kanban Task Manager iconOf course one cannot argue that there was not a lot to discuss: is shortly to release an exciting Outlook product: the totally new Kanban TaskManager.

I know Kate has told you about this task management tool earlier in this blog, and she will no doubt come back and announce the publication here also. I just wanted to let you know that the team is hard at work even when we are at our leisure!

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