21 May 2012

SharePoint 2010 Content Types Tutorial In New Tip

When managing a SharePoint site you want to centralize the administration as much as possible, so that changes and addition are easily distributed and you don't have to repeat them many times. One way of achieving that is to use CSS files in SharePoint, just like you do on other websites, but if you use SharePoint 2010 I also suggest that you take a look at the Content Types.

Centralized management

Create new Content Type, part of screenContent Types was first introduced in SharePoint 2007, and in SharePoint 2010 they have been more elaborated. The Content Types enable SharePoint administrators to manage the settings for a category of information in a centralized and reusable way. If you for example have several subsites that use the same kind of documents, it is much easier to update templates and settings only once instead of doing it for each sub site. Content Types are inherited from the site they are created in and downwards, so often it is suitable to create a Content Type in the root SharePoint site. That is what our CEO Peter Kalmstrom does in the demo on SharePoint Content Types below.

Collection of metadata

With a SharePoint Site Content Type you can describe what metadata should be used for certain documents and how they should be presented. If you for example want to use a Content Type for contracts, you probably want to have start and end date in them and maybe also cost center and partner. The Content Type helps you formallize these details so that they can be used in several sub sites, and a change in the Content Type will reflect to all the sub sites using that Content Type. In this demo Peter shows how to create a new Content Type and how to connect it to Document Libraries in three different sub sites.

Other useful tips

When Peter is demonstrating the Content Type he also shows a lot of other SharePoint features, like to create different kinds of columns, create and modify views, save as a template, add Quick Parts, work with Web Parts and much more. He also explains how to add a shared view of all documents using the same Content Type to the SharePoint site. This can be done with the help of the Content Query Web Part available in the SharePoint 2010 Server and Enterprise versions.

Microsoft certified SharePoint specialist

Peter Kalmstrom has earned all the available Microsoft certifications for SharePoint 2010, and he is also a certified Trainer. On the kalmstrom. com website you can find many useful tips, not only on SharePoint but also on Outlook, Excel and more. Welcome to read more about Peter's tutorial on the SharePoint Content Types page!

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