01 May 2012

New Developer At Fixes Task Manager Reports

I am happy to tell you that we have yet another developer in the team. Priyanka Kokne begun working with us a month ago, and she has already proved that she is an asset to the team.

A talented artist
Priyanka Kokne with drawings imageIn the photo to the right Priyanka poses in front of two of her drawings – because Priyanka is not only a skilled developer but also a talented artist. At the bottom of this article you can see an example of what she can do with water colors.

Programmer and tester
Priyanka has a Bachelor of Engineering exam from Shri Vaishnav Institute Of Technology & Science in Indore, and she is also certified in manual and automated software testing. This combination makes her a good programmer, and we are glad that she decided to join the team after having worked with application analyze and development for other companies for a couple of years.

Kanban Task Manager Reports
Kanban Task Manager logotypePriyankas first task for has been to create the reporting application for our new and not yet released product Kanban Task Manager for Outlook. This add-on helps a team to visualize tasks and co-operate on projects.

The developers have added dropdowns for Project, Phase and Responsible to the Outlook Tasks and also made it possible to drag Tasks between different Phases. The data from Projects, Phases and Tasks can be exported to Excel, where they may be studied in different ways. For each project Kanban Task Manager offers various reports:
  • Total Tasks per Project
  • Total Tasks per Phase
  • Time spent per Phase
  • Status of Tasks per Phase
  • % Completed Tasks per Phase
  • Total Tasks per Responsible
  • Overdue status of Tasks per Phase
Priyanka has made sure the reports handle the correct data, and she has also added functionality that makes it easy to work with the data and look at them from different angles.

Badminton player
When working developers mostly use the brain, the eyes and the hands, and the rest of the body does not get much exercise. Priyanka keeps in good shape by dancing and playing badminton, and she achieved many badminton prizes at school level. She also enjoys gardening, just like me.

Priyanka Kokne water color
Welcome to, Priyanka!

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