29 May 2012

Meditation Helps Developer Perform

Today I am happy to introduce a guest blogger, Senior Developer Jitendra Patidar – or Jitu, as we call him. Jitu joined the team one month ago, and during that time he has shown his capacity in the work with Kanban Task Manager. Here is his story:


I completed my Bachelors of Engineering in 2008 with the branch Electronics & Communication. After that I knew I wanted to work with IT, so I begun learning .NET technology. I first got my training in one of the software companies in Indore, and then I began to work as a freelancer.
Jitu Patidar Photo

Eager to grow

During the last three years I have carried out various projects, and I have always tried to learn new things and enhance my technical skills. Therefore I am now feeling very happy to work with the team. Here I will get a chance to grow by working with the latest technologies, and I like being part of a team again.

Kanban Task Manager

My first task at was to improve the earlier rather simple settings dialog of the new product Kanban Task Manager for Outlook. I introduced a grid to make it easier to add and edit Projects, Phases and Responsibles, and when the sponsor of Kanban Task Manager asked for a way to order the Phases that became my task also.
Jitu Patidar Photo
Now it is possible to copy Projects, Phases, Responsibles and their details from for example Excel and paste it into the grid ‒ and vise versa. The grid has a datetime picker for choosing Start and End Date in the Projects tab, and the display order of the Phases can be set. If the order of one Phase is changed the remaining Phases will be adapt automatically.

Calendar Browser
Calendar Browser logotype
Now Kanban Task Manager is nearly finished, and I have begun to study Calendar Browser for Outlook. This resource booking tool will soon be updated to support the 64-bit version of Office 2010, and I will be one of the developers responsible for that work.

Family and interests
My wife is a web designer. We fell in love when we were working together on a project, and we married in November 2009.

I do meditation daily, and I find that it gives me a great peace of mind. In school I was a good cricket player, and I was captain of my team for four years. We won many cricket tournaments, and I still like to play and watch cricket. Support
When I have worked with more of the products I will assist in the second line support. This will give me a good insight in problems and questions that might arise with our applications, so that I can help solving them quickly. I look forward to meeting some of you via our online chat or in e-mails.

Jitu Patidar,
Sr. Software Developer Business Solutions


  1. It seems that you are enjoying yourself with kalmstrom team. I think you are right, seeing the task been given to you it can be identified to what new you are getting to learn from it.

  2. Hello Jitendra,

    I read your article very impressive and this is a good achievement. I hope you will continue progress in your future.

    Good Luck

  3. Hello William.

    Thank you very much for your wishes and I am glad you like the article. :)

  4. Really good progress Jiten. Keep it up. :)