02 April 2012

Unknown Mail Limit On Office 365

Each month Peter Kalmstrom, CEO of Business Solutions, sends out a newsletter to around 8 000 recepients. After the transfer to Office 365 Outlook we have a problem with the sending, since there is a limit of 1500 e-mails in 24 hours – something we did not discover until the sending of this month's newsletters stopped at 1500.

Application to avoid mass-emailing
Peter wanted to send out his e-mails one by one, to avoid the problems with mass-emailing. As he is a software creator specialized in Outlook, it was no issue for him to develop what he wanted, and for several years this application has happily sent out his newsletters in the same way as when you send e-mails manually.
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Bad surprise
In March migrated from Microsoft Online Services and begun using Office 365 Outlook for the mailboxes. The transfer was smooth, until it was time for the monthly newsletter. Then the sending stopped at 1500, and no more e-mails could be sent. As Peter uses the support mailbox for his newsletter, this meant that no more e-mails could be sent from the support in 24 hours. The support team had to send from the sales mailbox instead, which was a bit confusing for the callers.

Not advertised
Microsoft obviously wants to prevent spam sending from their cloud servers, and that is a good thing – even if we wish it did not affect us! But they do not inform very much about the sending limitation. Peter had of course studied Office 365 thoroughly before the migration, but he had still missed the e-mail limit. He found the rule in the Office 365 Help section.

The Microsoft solution
To solve the problem Microsoft suggests that we create groups of recipients, as each group only counts as one recipient. But that is really not a good suggestion. Then the sending will be mass-emailing, and most spam filters will stop our newsletters if subscribers have not whitelisted

The solution
Peter will continue sending out his newsletters with the e-mail application. Either he will send them from another mail server, or he will send only 1400 per day from Office 365. That would give us 100 emails left for support that day, and it is quite enough. The products work without issues for most users, so we never have to send so many e-mails in one day.

If Peter opts for the second alternative, it means that all will not have his letters on the same day. I think we all can live with that. The newsletters are still not the quickest way to get news about Those who want hot news will read them here, in the blog!

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