05 April 2012

Happy Easter With Images From Spanish Celebrations

This week the CEO, Peter, and Sales Manager, Siret, are in Spain for a short holiday in our second home country. Their stay coincides with the most important holiday of the year for most Spaniards – the Easter.

Semana Santa

In Latin America and Spain the Holy Week is celebrated with religious ceremonies and various types of processions. They are organized by hermandades, religious “brotherhoods” where also women may join nowadays. During the processions the members wear long robes and hoods, a way to demonstrate penance.

In every town sculptures of the Virgin Mary are taken out from the churches and carried around in the streets. Often these sculptures are old and artistic and of a great value to the locals. Many travel to cities like Seville and Malaga to see the processions, but even the smallest village has its own Easter celebrations.

El Paso

When Sigge and I lived in Spain we saw the Easter play of Riogordo, a beautiful small village in the mountains east of Malaga. Since more than 50 years several hundred people participate in El Paso, a presentation of the last days of Jesus. It is held outside, on a hill in the village, each Easter, and nearly all the inhabitants take part in the play. It was fascinating to see even small children and animals perform, and everything was very well organized.
Easter play photo With this glimpse from Spanish Easter traditions I wish all blog readers a Happy Easter!

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