08 March 2012

Six Smart And Reliable Women

Today, on the International Women’s Day, I want to pay tribute to six people who are important to me in various ways.

The Matriarch
Ingalill Dahlstrom imageI know Kate has presented her mother in this blog earlier. To me Ingalill is the kind grandmother who has always been listening to my ramblings and tried to understand even my most high flying and technically advanced ideas – while feeding me her home baked cookies.

It has been a joy to help Ingalill take to computers and the internet, and when I brought her an iPad from the US before they were even sold in Sweden she was delighted.

The photo comes from Ingalill’s Facebook account, and with her 94 years she is the oldest fan of kalmstrom. com Community on Facebook. She understands English but nowadays she prefers commenting in Swedish. With the help of Google translate she even gets understandable answers in Swedish!

The Author
Kate Kalmstrom imageMy mother Kate manages all documentation – website, manuals, demonstrations, slideshows – and normally also this blog. Earlier she was a teacher and an author of school books, so she knows how to make a text easy to read and understand.

Kate also handles much of the marketing, and it is thanks to her – and the merits of our products, of course – that the Office applications are presented at prestigious sites like Microsoft’s Office Marketplace and PinPoint.

It is a bit special to work together with your mother. In theory I am the boss, but as we are both strong-willed people there have been many discussions. Our different opinions have been fruitful, though, and the compromises we eventually have agreed on have been better than the first suggestions.

The Relations Expert
Siret Toots imageSiret is my fiancée, so she is very valuable to me personally. She also play an important role in the team, as responsible for relations both within the team and with our customers and Community Members.

I guess you have to be good at relations to be living with me, but I also noticed it when we visited Indore in December and Siret for the first time met with the Indian team members. They got along excellently.

While representing the employer in more serious matters Siret was able to connect to the team members on a personal level during the free time without losing her authority. She is capable of holding a conversation about any subject, while my own conversations have a tendency to turn into development issues whatever we start talking about!

The Technicians
Kanak Joshi imageNeha Gupta imageAt the Indian office Kanak and Neha have contributed significantly to the smooth cooperation within the team. They are clever and trustworthy, and I am happy to have them in the team.

Kanban Task Manager logotype Kanak is a developer, and right now she is working with the connection to SharePoint of the new Kanban Task Manager for Outlook. This add-on will have a SharePoint alternative to a common database, which will make the application perfect for cooperation on Tasks in geographically distributed work groups.

Folder HelpDesk logoNeha is a QA Engineer, and she handles most of the practical, pre-release testing of the products. Now she is testing the new features of Folder HelpDesk, which is the same as version 12 of PF HelpDesk. Her bug lists on our Office 365 SharePoint site are much appreciated ‒ even if the developers are most happy when they are short and only contain enhancement suggestions.

The New Generation
Elsa Kalmstrom imageFinally I want to mention my daughter, Elsa. She is only ten years old and does not take part in Business Solutions, so to mention her here is just out of affection.

I hope to be able to bring Elsar with me to India next time, though. That would be exciting for her, and as we are invited to Kanak’s wedding it would give her an opportunity to learn more about a foreign culture. It would also be a joy for Siret and me to travel with Elsa, because her eagerness and curiosity is catching and will enrich the experience for us.

Elsa has many good female role models, and it seems she is taking the best from each one of them - because she is fantastic!
Peter Kalmstrom
CEO, Business Solutions

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