29 March 2012

New Developer With A Flare For The Dramatic Business Solutions has a new developer at the Indian office. His name is Anshul Takalkar, and he has been with us since February.

Master of Computer Applications
After his Bachelor of Computer Science exam Anshul went for the Master of Computer Applications degree, and two years ago he begun working as a software developer specialized on web and Windows applications. His education and experience qualified him for a position in the team, and we were all glad when he agreed to join us.

Kanban Task Manager
Kanban Task Manager logotype After the first introduction period Anshul has done a great job with the JQuery-based User Interface of our new project, Kanban Task Manager for Outlook. With this application a workgroup can co-operate on tasks and projects inside Outlook, and Anshul is making sure that we can sort, filter and of course drag & drop the tasks in a user-friendly and snappy way.

Mahabharat actor
Anshul is interested in drama and performed in several plays during his school time. One of them was the great Indian epic Mahabharat, where Anshul played the warrior Bheema.

Mahabharat is one of the world's most influencial texts, on the same level as the Bible and the Koran or the works of Shakespeare and Homer. It is about the war between the Pandavas and the Kauravas but it also has a strong philosophical content. Anshul's drawing below shows the victorious Lord Krishna (in the middle) and the rest of the Pandavas: Bheema, Arjun, Nakul, Yudhishthir and Sahdev.
Mahabharat drawing
Common interests
Anshul shares his interest in drama with the CEO, Peter, who both directed and acted before his fascination for software development took over. Anshul and I also have interests in common – to write and sing.

Anshul Takalkar has already shown that he is a skilled developer and a good team worker, so we all wish him a warm welcome to!

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