08 February 2012

Folder HelpDesk For Outlook On Its Way

PF HelpDesk icon Public Folder HelpDesk was the flagship for several years, before sales of our other products started to grow. Today the customer distribution of the products from Business Solutions is more even, but our issue tracking software for Outlook is still one of our best selling applications. Now we are working on version 12.

Installation in any Outlook folder
From version 12 this add-on will be called Folder HelpDesk, because it may actually be installed in any Outlook folder and not just in a public one. Many use it with shared mailboxes, and if the tool does not need to be shared it can even be installed in a personal Outlook folder.

New features
Version 12 will have several new features.
  • Notification to the person responsible for the case on manual addition of an e-mail to a ticket. Today this notification is only sent when an e-mail is automatically added to a ticket via the e-mail threading feature.
  • Search feature like in Outlook. The search result will be shown in the tickets list in Outlook as yellow marks on the found words or phrases.
Old Kanban board
  • Show only Caller tickets. When e-mails are convert into tickets manually you may choose between creating a new ticket and adding the e-mail information to an existing ticket. In the latter case Folder HelpDesk V 12 will have a possibility to directly show earlier open tickets from the caller of the converted e-mail, so that you don't have to search for them.
  • Possibility to give a custom general subject in the templates for Manual e-mail to Caller and FAQ answers. In PF HelpDesk we give a number of templates that may be sent automatically at different occasions. Today we give a standard subject for these automatic e-mails, but in Folder HelpDesk you can decide yourself what that subject should be. Also for FAQ answers you will be able to give a default subject.
  • A mini HTML editor for e-mail templates will make it easier to modify the default templates.
Welcome to the PF HelpDesk Plans page if you want to read more about these changes.

Net icon New technology
In Folder HelpDesk we will use .NET in the Outlook add-on instead of VB6. With this more modern coding we will no longer have to use several additional .dll files. The client will load faster, and it brings the application closer to compatibility with the 64 bit version of Office 2010. With the .NET technique Folder HelpDesk will also handle inline images in RTF e-mails in a better way than before.

The development will take a couple of months or maybe a bit more, but we hope to publish Folder HelpDesk V12 before the summer.

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