21 February 2012

Congratulations To Newly Engaged Developer

Engagement photo 1
Our clever developer Kanak Joshi has recently become engaged to IBM R & D Engineer Rugved Ambekar, and the whole team wishes them a happy future.

To the left the happy couple is standing in front of a Lord Ganesha's painting created by Kanak's future mother-in-law.
Around 30 people, family and close relatives, were present at the ceremony. It started with a Hindu ritual for God’s blessing, a pooja, and after that the couple exchanged rings in presence of the priest.   
Engagement photo 2

On the photo below you see the engagement rings and the mehndi on Kanak’s hands. Mehndi is a temporary henna decoration that has been used in India at special occasions for more than 3000 years. It is described even in the earliest Vedas.   
Engagement photo 3

I asked Kanak what was so special about Rugved, and she revealed that she loved that he is so full of fun and joy. “His personality was the first thing that impressed me,” she said. She also told me that her fiancĂ©e plays the guitar and is a very good singer. It sounds as if this man will be a good partner for our gem of a girl!
Engagement photo 1
A lot of presents were given after the ring ceremony. Both families gave clothes to each other, which is common in India at important occasions. Apart from the ring Kanak also received other gold and silver jewelry from her future in-laws.   
Engagement photo 3   
Kanak enjoys gardening and flowers very much, so she is happy that her new family owns nurseries. I imagine the wedding ceremony in December will be fantastic when they have such decorating possibilities!

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