31 January 2012

Useful Tools For A Good Support Service

Even if the solutions are built to be easy to use, they work in a complex environment and problems may occur. The most vital for a successful support is of course the attitude and skills of the people giving it, but technical aids make a big difference in how smoothly the customers can be assisted. Here are some products we have found useful.

Sharing and organizing support e-mails
HelpDesk OSP big iconThe most important support aid is our own application HelpDesk OSP. This Outlook plugin converts incoming e-mails to list items in a SharePoint 2010 intranet, where they can easily be shared and organized.

The HelpDesk OSP runs on a server and converts e-mails automatically around the clock seven days a week, and we have customized the SharePoint list to suit our needs. This way we can easily keep track of all cases and have a clear picture of the different issues and the actions taken to solve them.

PS operator console

Online chat service
I have earlier written a whole blog post about the Provide Support chat service we use, but I will still mention it again because this is a great tool. Provide Support were slow in optimizing their tool for Windows 7 so that multiple windows did open when there was a new chat call, but otherwise the tool has worked fine.

This product is easy to use, and the support given by Provide Support is good – via their online chat, of course! The image above shows the control panel Visitors tab, where the support staff can see who is visiting the website and what they are looking at. It is very interesting!

TeamViewer dialog Remote session software
After having used the free Microsoft application SharedView for remote sessions during several years we decided to switch to TeamViewer this summer.

SharedView served us well until we and others started using Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 7. Then SharedView was not reliable anymore, and we found it strange that Microsoft was not keeping their own product up to date even if it was free.

Maybe the problems are fixed now, but we are satisfied with TeamViewer and appreciate that nothing has to be installed on the machine our technicians need to take a look at.

With these tools and the knowledge of the support staff,  issues are usally solved without delay, and we know our Community Members appreciate our fast service. It feels great when users and evaluators praise the support team for quick and helpful support, and we do our outmost to live up to it.

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  1. Its a nice tool that use for live support, Many of them using this software and working in live support...