12 December 2011

New Square Logo for After Microsoft Remark Square Logo
The regular logotype in the head of this blog is rectangular, but we have felt an increasing need for a good square logotype also. I therefore asked our graphic artist Jitendra Joshi to create a square logo for use with social networks as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, on Microsoft Pinpoint and in other places that require square logos.

 I wanted Jitendra to create something that would show that we built our applications on Microsoft's products, and he came up with a suggestion that we all liked. Unfortunately Microsoft did not like it as much as the team did!

old Square LogoThe old square logotype was a mixture of icons that reminded of Microsoft icons for the platforms build on ‒ Outlook, Excel and SharePoint. Jitendra also added the globe present in the Tallstugan and the HelpDesk OSP logotypes, and that globe was the only part that could stay.

Here I show the old logotype, probably for the last time. It is not worth jeopardizing our good relationship with Microsoft because of a logo, so when the PinPoint staff complained about the logo with their icons we knew we must remove it. Jitendra had to create something new to replace the unsuitable logotype.

Siret and Jayant gave helpful suggestions, and the result was the logo you see above this blog post. For smaller sizes we chose a white band with the text. We think this new logotype is catching and tells how widespread the products are, so we feel satisfied with the change. The Microsoft staff also liked the new logotype, so now everyone is happy again!


  1. With Microsoft's new logo, are they going to be grumpy again?

  2. I hope not, Jac. We were actually first, and our colors are nicer imo. But you'll never know ;-).

  3. I have also commented this in a blog post 24 August 2012: