08 December 2011

Microsoft's Weapon against Apple gives new marketplace for

Windows 8 logo This week Microsoft has presented their plans on a Windows Store, that will come with Windows 8. This is very interesting news for the team. Next year, when the new operating system is launched, it will be possible to buy applications for Win 8 based PCs and tablets online directly from within the system.

Windows Store - A New Sales Channel For
For Microsoft the motive is of course to take up the fight with Apple and App Store, but for the Windows Store gives new possibilities. We will explore them thoroughly and certainly find the best way to take advantage of them for the Office applications. Windows Store will be global, and Microsoft invites us developers to sell our apps in 231 markets and in more than 100 languages. At release 20 languages will be supported. I am not sure Swedish will be among those first 20, but I am positive that English will!

Better than App Store?
At a first glance Windows Store seems to have some advantages over App Store. We are happy that users will get a chance to try the apps first, just like they can with the current products. For our success it is also important that Microsoft will give developers a bigger share of the sales than Apple, that we can use third-party payment partners and that we will be allowed to sell the apps from our own platform also. We cannot do that with the iOS apps we now market on App Store.

Perfect for TimeCard Single
TimeCard for Outlook logotype TimeCard Single seems to be very well suited for Windows Store. Today the time reporting tool for Outlook is mostly used by big organizations, but I am sure more one man companies would find TimeCard Single  valuable if they only knew about this Outlook-addon. It is very convenient to keep track of how time is spent directly within the Outlook Calendar, and by using Windows Store we can give many more single users a chance to do that.

Peter is enthusiastic
Our CEO, Peter Kalmstrom, is excited over the news and already full of plans. His aim is to have something ready for the Windows Store when it launches with the Beta version of Windows 8 by the end of February. By that time we will have learned much more about the Store in Windows 8 and be well on our way to explore this new sales channel.

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