23 December 2011

Merry Christmas With 16 Year Old Kalmstrom Family Photo

Another year has gone by, and I want to write a new article to wish all blog visitors a Merry Christmas. These Christmas blogs usually get many readers, and the Christmas post from 2009 is actually one of the most read ever. There are still some people reading it every day around the globe!

Peter and Oliver
In the image above you see two members of the team ‒ but not as you usually see them. The Santa is our CEO Peter, who is also my son, and on his arm he is holding his first born, Oliver. Today Oliver is 17 years old, and he works part time with administration of trials, purchases and subscriptions of the Office applications. If you want to have a present-day look at them both together, please see the Christmas card at the bottom of the home page.

At home in Tallstugan
The photo is taken in Peter’s first house, which actually was a big log house. The address was Tallstugan, Simonstorp, Åby, which means “Pine cottage, Simon’s cabin, River village”. Cute address, wasn’t it? The next owner of that house had to accept a street address instead, but by then we had already let Tallstugan live on in the name of our company, the family business behind the brand Business Solutions.

A snowy cottage in the woods
On Christmas Eve Peter slipped down in the basement, took on the Santa Claus dress and grabbed a lantern and the sack with Christmas presents. Then he went out the back way into the snowy woods that surrounded Tallstugan. There, among pines and firs, he lit his lantern and started to plod through the snow towards the door to the patio. Inside Oliver, and later also his brother Joakim, was keeping watch through the windows. When they saw the lantern and the figure holding it they screamed of a delight that was mixed with a bit of horror. At that time they did not understand that Santa was their father, but as you see Oliver was brave and let Santa hold him ‒ after he had delivered the presents!

Dispersed holiday celebrations
This year Peter is not celebrating Christmas with his children, as he and Siret are on their way to Indore to meet with the Indian members of the team. Sigge and I will stay on our island off the Swedish east coast, but Oliver and my mother, the Matriarch, will at least celebrate Christmas together.

I wish the users of the software and all others who also follow my blog a wonderful Christmas weekend!

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