14 December 2011

How To Embed A YouTube Video In A SharePoint Site

Our CEO, Peter Kalmstrom continues to share his vast knowledge of SharePoint with useful tips published on the website. Now he has released a demonstration on how to embed a video from YouTube into a SharePoint site.

All from guidelines to entertainment
Video demonstrations like the one above can be very useful to have on a SharePoint intranet, for instructions, lectures, information or maybe just for fun! A video from the latest office party will be a popular addition to the site, and it will enhance the good spirits within the group.

Not as easy as you might think
To embed a YouTube video in SharePoint one would think that you only have to add the embed code from YouTube into the SharePoint HTML, just like you do when you embed it in another website. And if you do so it looks very good at first ‒ but only until you save. Then the video disappears again.

Add a Web Part
To make the video stay also when you have saved the page, you must add a Content Editor Web Part and then add the embed code there. Peter shows you how to do that in a few easy steps. Try it, and you will have yet another way to use your SharePoint site! demos Calendar Browser icon
HelpDesk OSP icon On the website you cannot only find demos in the Tips section. PF HelpDesk icon We also use them to present the various Outlook add-ons, TimeCard iconand each one of the products has a Demonstrations page with a number ofKBase icon recorded instructions on installation, OLAP Reporting Tool icon configuration and usage. The video demonstrations are of course not as easy to update as the manuals, but they are good complements that really show users and evaluators “how to do it”.

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