26 December 2011

Great People At The Great Wall

I have greetings from CEO Peter and Sales and Relations Manager Siret Toots. They have now arrived in Indore and met the Indian Members of the team, but before that they made a short stop in Beijing. None of them has been there before, and they found the city innovative, fun and exciting and would very much like to go back there. Maybe they can find a reason connected with the Office add-ons? Great Wall photo
The photos are taken at the Great Wall, and Siret tells about the image above:
“Here we are by the Chairman Mao’s stone declaring the climbers as heroes. Half way up we knew what he meant! The steps are murdering, uneven and high, but the views take your breath away! (It might have been the climb also). It was freezing cold, minus seven centigrees, but that helped. I cannot imagine climbing the wall behind us in +30.”

The Great Wall of China is a series of fortifications, originally built to protect the northern borders. The first ones were built as early as in the 5th century BC, and they have been maintained ever since. Great Wall photo

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  1. The Wall is a relic of the wonders of the ancient world. The Chinese constructed it with bricks and rammed earth, minus today's architectural technology.