06 December 2011

Export Excel Lists and Connect Them In SharePoint

The CEO, Peter Kalmstrom, is a Microsoft certified expert on both Excel and SharePoint, and he is happy to share his knowledge. Now he has published another demo on how to transfer data from Excel to SharePoint. This time he shows how to export Excel lists, and then he explains how to connect the two new SharePoint lists on a page.

If you use SharePoint but don’t know how to export Excel lists to your site or how to connect lists in SharePoint, I sincerely recommend you to watch it. Also if you already know it, you might still get some other useful tips from Peter’s demo.

Export Excel lists to SharePoint
Excel iconPeter starts with exporting his Excel lists “Customers” and “Countries” to a SharePoint site. In the “Customers” list there are some multiple line fields that cannot be used for sorting and filtering but Peter shows how to change them into single lines.

Connect SharePoint lists
SharePoint iconPeter continues by showing how to connect the Countries list and the Customers list on a page, so that he can select a country and see what customers come from that country.

The possibility to connect two SharePoint lists to each other on a separate page is very useful. On the intranet SharePoint site there is one list for Customers and one for Purchases. Of course you can have all the info in one list, but loading, filtering and sorting works better if we separate the data into two lists. The two lists are connected on a CustomerPurchases page, though, and when I open a customer organization on that page I can see all data for that organization + all their purchase information. Peter Kalmstrom photo

More info on the website
In the Tips section of the various tricks are listed in the order Peter shows them, and for each trick the steps he performs in the video demonstration are described more in detail. Welcome to have a look at the article “Export Excel lists to a SharePoint site and connect them”. The Tips section also contains pages with tips on Outlook, Skype, Exchange, SMS and more. These tips are not directly connected to the products for Office, Exchange and SharePoint ‒ for them we have a lot of documentation on other pages. Here we have instead gathered information that may be useful for many, either you are a Community Member or not. Welcome to see for yourself!


  1. This was amazing, complete and perfect guidance for me to connect lists in SharePoint. As I am new to SharePoint this has proved useful to me.

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    1. I am glad to hear that! Welcome to have a look at the Tips pages. I am sure you will find more useful tips there: