27 December 2011

Beautiful Trip To Historical Mandu Brings The Team Together

On the second day of Peter’s and Siret’s visit to Indore, the Indian members of the team took them to the historical town of Mandu. It was founded in the 10th century and is full of interesting monuments.  The town is beautifully situated among lush hills around 100 kilometers from Indore, and the team had hired their own bus to take them there.
Mandu lake photo
"I was impressed by the well-preserved castle from the 15th century. It had indoor plumming, air-conditioning, a theatre and lots of other modern facilities. The only problem seems to have been that there were too many blondes in the harem, but they solved that by adding a lake with henna in the water. I tried to push Siret into it, to see if it still worked, but she was surrounded by admirers who did not allow it." group photo
Above CEO Peter with his Indore team, all young and very talented people. From the left Vijayant (Developer), Vipul (Office Manager), Peter, Jitendra (Graphic Designer), Sunil (Developer), Jayant (Lead Developer), Kanak (Developer) and Neha (QA Engineer). Mandu photo
"There is India you see as a tourist and then there is India you see when you are traveling with some local friends. Peter Kalmström and I just returned to our hotel in Indore after spending an amazing day in Mandu. Off the beaten track, exquisite architecture, fascinating local life and good food. Thank you Team for taking us there!” Mandu photo
Two Executives. I doubt it is history or architecture Peter and Jayant are discussing here below. Rather some new, fascinating product! bosses
The photos from Mandu are taken by Siret, Jayant and Jitendra. Thanks for sharing them!
Mandu photo

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