02 November 2011

The Online Chat Gets A New Look chat icon If you are a frequent visitor to the site, I am sure you have noticed our new chat icons. I hope you like the cartoon style created by our talented graphic artist Jitendra Joshi? Personally, I am fond of the little yellow mouse sticking out on one side. It gives just that little extra touch needed to make the image interesting.

The online chat is very popular among users and evaluators of our Outlook add-ons. For more complicated questions that require long descriptions the e-mail is better, but the chat is perfect for short inquiries. Website visitors get an immediate contact with a member of the team and are given quick answers to their questions.

The support and sales team

The chat is also used extensively in remote sessions. While the developer studies the remote product configuration to find the error, he or she can get information from the user via the chat window. This is valuable cooperation and helps finding the solution to the problem. 

The team gets transcripts from all chats automatically. That way we have a record of what has been discussed in the chat, and it is easy to share interesting info within the group. If you have been chatting with and want your own transcript, just press the e-mail icon to send it or the print icon to print it.
transcript icons  transcript icons

We have chosen to place the chat icon on nearly all the web pages, so that visitors don't have to search for it. We don't have the chat manned around the clock yet, but if no one is able to answer you may instead leave a message for us. That message will of course be read and answered as promptly as when you send us an e-mail.

After the chat is finished, visitors are asked to rate the given support or sales info. The rates give important info about what we can improve and what is important to keep in mind. The team is often praised for quick and good answers, and we do our best to live up to all the kind words given in the comment field of the Rate dialog. Be sure they are read ‒ often more than once!

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