05 October 2011

New iPhone version and new app

Yesterday Apple presented their next iPhone,
4S. On the surface it does not look so different from earlier versions, but underneath we find a faster and more powerful smart phone with a voice control feature, a new wireless system and a better camera.   

Today only 5 % of all mobile phones are iPhones, but we think this figure will increase. Therefore Business Solutions develops apps for the iOS operating system used in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. We stick to areas that are interesting to our regular customers, and soon we will release the iPhone app iCalendarTimeCard. With this app you can filter, edit and create new appointments with assigned TimeCard categories and thus make them ready for report.

I am sure iCalendarTimeCard will be popular among TimeCard users who don't spend all their working time at the desk, and it will of course be free to Community Members and TimeCard Singel Support customers!

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