26 October 2011

French Name Days Added To NameDays Calendar Files For 2012

NameDays logotype Yesterday Business Solutions had the pleasure of releasing a new version of NameDays, the popular, free product that gives you name days in your calendar.

Name days for different calendars Business Solutions markets Outlook add-ons for Office + Exchange/SharePoint, and also NameDays begun as an Outlook add-on. Nowadays we use ics files instead. That way NameDays will work on several kinds of  calendars, like the Google and Mac OS X calendars, and not only on with Outlook.

NameDays 2012 version with 14 languages
In the new version of NameDays the name days for 2012 are added, and on request we now also give the French name days. Year by year has added more countries to the list, so that we now can offer you 14 different name days files to choose from. For Swedish users we also have a file that gives Swedish week numbers in the calendar.

Get NameDays!
Welcome to subscribe to or import the NameDays file ‒ or files! ‒ of your choice. The procedure vary a bit for different kinds of calendars, but they are all easy. On the website you can find video demonstrations that show exactly how to do it. NameDays is a gift from the team to all our website visitors. Please enjoy ‒ and tell your friends about it!

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