14 October 2011

Absurd Call From CNET

In August I blogged about the unacceptable wrapping the cnet site had begun practicing. They wrapped other downloads into installers, so when downloading from you could get unwanted programs that made changes to your computer and could be difficult to get rid of.

Product downloads from Business Solutions must NEVER give anything else than the clean and genuine software the downloader wants to try or use, so we decided to remove all our products from the cnet site.

After I had explained why we wanted to withdraw cnet's right to host our products, they were quickly taken away without further comments. However, today we got a "heartbreaking" e-mail from cnet: "We miss you ‒ please come back!"

In this impudent e-mail cnet tries to entice to return to, and their method is outright shameless: they offer us a chance to win hotel nights, a flight or entrance tickets to the International CES in Las Vegas! (Which by the way is free if you registered before 1 September.) I feel both angry and ready to laugh at this ridiculous attempt.

We require a lot more than that to budge from our convictions. To give up our principles and let someone tamper with our installation files would be to give up!

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