11 August 2011

New Version Of PamFax Supports Scheduled Fax Sending

PamFax banner The Partner PamConsult GmbH has updated its popular Fax service PamFax. When our CEO Peter worked for Skype he helped designing the first version of PamFax, and he is happy about the enhancements the continued development has brought to the product.

PamFax lets you send fax messages at a low cost online, via your browser or via an application for Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad or webOS. With the latest version of PamFax you may even schedule the sending to a specific day and hour. This is useful if you for some reason want to delay the reception of a fax ‒ for example, if you don't want it to arrive in the middle of the night.

You may also receive faxes with PamFax, and in many countries you can have a fax number with your own area code. South Africa and Portugal have recently been added, so now this possibility is offered in 31 countries ‒ including all with several Members of Community! You will get a message by e-mail, sms or Skype-chat each time a fax has arrived.

Sent and received faxes are stored and easily reached by all you have invited to use your company's PamFax portal. When you don't want to keep faxes anymore you can remove them more easily with the new version, as it supports deleting of multiple faxes. A third addition is a spam filter that allows you to tag incoming faxes as spam if needed.

Welcome to try PamFax for free! I am sure you will like this secure and convenient way of faxing.

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