04 July 2011

Microsoft Pinpoint Lists Products From products now presented on the Microsoft Pinpoint MarketplaceFor several years Microsoft's Office Marketplace has been an important marketing channel for the products. It has given us many new visitors to the website ‒ and also many customers, since those visitors often are just the skilled IT professionals we want to reach. Now Microsoft has given us another opportunity to introduce our products to this group of people: Microsoft Pinpoint.

Microsoft Pinpoint was introduced in the U.S. a couple of years ago as a way to help small and midsize businesses to connect to Microsoft partners like Business Solutions. However, that first version of Pinpoint was more locally aimed and not as interesting to us as Office Marketplace. Recently Microsoft changed their Pinpoint site, and now we can showcase our applications in a better way and also more efficiently explain how they extend and enrich specific Microsoft products and platforms.

All products are now listed in the 51 English speaking countries supported by Pinpoint and in the only Swedish speaking one. Soon we hope to be on the pages for Spanish and German speaking countries also.

When we were accepted at Microsoft Pinpoint we were also given a chance to be presented at special platform marketplaces. Some testing and verifications are needed, though, and our dedicated junior developer Vijayant Rimza is busy with that task right now. It will take some time, but so far PF HelpDesk has passed the test for the Windows Azure Marketplace, and HelpDesk OSP is already listed on the Microsoft Office 365 Marketplace. We will continue the work!

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