07 July 2011 Transfers To TeamViewer For Remote Sessions

Teamviewer icon Remote sessions are an efficient way to solve software problems. By directly looking at a setup, the technicians can often find the error and solve it quickly.

For several years the team has used Microsoft's free application SharedView for remote sessions. It has served us well, but as we always strive to give better service to Community Members we have now decided to invest in another product. From today you are welcome to use our customized TeamViewer for remote sessions.

With TeamViewer nothing has to be installed on your computer. When you have received a remote session offer from the support, most often by e-mail but sometimes directly in the online chat, go to the contact page on our website. To the right on that page you will find a Download TeamViewer button like the one here above. This is your door to TeamViewer.

You just have to run the TeamViewer exe file to get going, but different browsers behave differently. This is what I found with the latest versions: Internet Explorer and Opera asks if you wish to run or save the file. Then you just select to run it (if you don't wish to download it first, of course). Google Chrome saves the file without asking while Firefox asks if you want to save the file, so for these two browsers you must first save the file and then click the file to run it.

The TeamViewer exe file opens a dialog where you are given login details to forward to the technician. We recommend that you contact the technical department via our online chat to do that, and you will find the chat button on the contact page also. As soon as you have given the login details to our technician the connection is up very quickly, and your screen is shared automatically.

TeamViewer works behind firewalls, and it is a very safe product. The data channels are completely secure with key exchange and AES (256 Bit) session encoding. This is the security standard also used by https/SSL.

In a perfect world no remote sessions are necessary, but in reality they are and we can only make them as smooth as possible. We hope TeamViewer will give you an even more positive experience from the support sessions with

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