19 July 2011 Trainee Builds New Reporting Tool

After Peter left Skype he has had more time to lead the work at Business Solutions, and we have all seen the difference it has made. We also have a good Lead Developer and a Senior Developer, so now we feel we have the strength to take on trainees more often than before. These are young people who need much guidance, but they can also give fresh input.

Today I am happy to introduce Kanak Joshi, who joined the team a couple of weeks ago. Kanak took her Bachelor of Engineering degree last year, and now she wishes to continue learning application design and development.

Kanak's first task at is to create an Excel application that may be used for reporting and statistics. The tool she has begun building is intended as a replacement for our OLAP Reporting Tool. It will create an Excel workbook with reports and graphs for all the information in PF HelpDesk. Later her work will be the basis for similar tools for our other applications also. One benefit of this is that we will remove the dependency on the Office Web Components. This task will give Kanak new knowledge at the same time as she helps us build something many Community Members will find useful.

Kanak likes travelling and painting, and we share a hobby ‒ gardening. "Every morning when I see the flowers in my garden I feel enthusiastic", she says. I understand the feeling, and I am sure Kanak will do good if she brings that enthusiasm into her work! You can find more info about Kanak Joshi at the Team page.

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