23 July 2011 Condemns Political And Religious Fundamentalism

Ten days ago we were chocked by a terror attack in Mumbai, near to where the Indian members of the team live, and yesterday terror struck again. This time it was in Norway, a country that is close to the Swedish members of the team ‒ not just geographically.

The catastrophe started in the afternoon, in the Norwegian capital Oslo, with a bomb exploding at the government building. Seven people died and many were injured. A couple of hours later a gunman started shooting wildly at a camp for young members of the Norwegian Labour Party, and nearly one hundred girls and boys were killed. As Labour is the party at power in Norway many think that the two attacks are connected.

The murderer at the camp was soon caught, and it showed to be a Christian fundamentalist and right wing extremist. It seems that once again a man has thought he was better than the rest of us and therefore had the right to slaughter innocent people because of his "cause". I don't have words to express the disgust I feel with such ideas.

My thoughts go to our Norwegian friends and Community Members, and I ask myself what is wrong with the world when terrible deeds like these happen over and over again. If we find the answer to that question and act on it, we can have a world in peace!

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