10 May 2011 Partners With PamFax

PamFax bannerI am happy to announce that has gone into partnership with PamConsult GmbH, the company behind the successful faxing software PamFax. Normally we don’t market other products than our own, but when CEO Peter worked as Product Manager for Skype he helped designing the first version of PamFax. Therefore this partnership feels natural to him.

PamFax allows users to send fax messages worldwide at a low cost per page, either via a fax application or online. I have used PamFax ever since it was released in 2006. Then Peter suggested that we throw out our bad functioning fax machines and go for using PamFax online instead, and that is something we have never regretted. PamFax is secure, cheap and easy to use, and it has many good features ‒ as support for Dropbox, and Google Documents and a possibility to send to multiple fax recipients in one fax. I also like that we can see our fax history online at our PamFax Portal.

My first task in the new partnership will be to translate PamFax into Swedish and start marketing it here in my home country. We will also make an Estonian version and introduce the software there. PamFax has been increasingly popular during its five years on the market, and today the tool is used by both individuals and big companies all over the world. It will be great to cooperate with the creators of PamFax in making faxing easier for still more people.

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