28 April 2011

Microsoft Versus Apple In OS Sales

Yesterday Lead Developer Jayant drew my attention to an interesting chart from SAI Chart Of The Day. It shows sales for Windows 7 and iOS, and you can see it here to the left.

We have heard a lot about Apples fantastic success with iPhone and iPad, but fact is that Microsoft has had an even bigger success with Windows 7. Microsoft has sold around 350 million licenses of Windows 7 since it was launched, while Apple during the same time "only" sold around 150 million iOS units.

Of course both Win 7 and iOS are strong operating systems that dominate the market, and Business Solutions wants to build on both. We have developed add-ons for Microsoft products for more than ten years, and in October 2009 I could write this in a blog post: "Congratulations to Microsoft who released their new operating system Windows 7 this week! All our products are of course compatible with both the 32-bit and the 64-bit version, and also with the server counterpart Windows Server 2008 R2."

iOS, on the other hand, is a new system to We published the first app, iNameDays, early this year, and we will soon release the second one. ShareTask will make it easy for SharePoint users to manage their list items directly in iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Welcome to read more about both apps on the new iOS page at the website. In a few days I hope I can tell you about our third project for iOS, so keep in touch!

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