04 April 2011

How To Archive SharePoint List Items

SharePoint gives great customization possibilities, but sometimes it might be difficult to know what can be done and how to do it. All are not SharePoint experts, like CEO Peter Kalmstrom!

We of course want to do our best to help users get the most out of our products. Therefore we were happy to document how to archive old helpdesk tickets, when a Community Member who uses the application HelpDesk OSP asked about it.

Now we have added instructions for archiving to the HelpDesk OSP Workflow Manual, and we have also published a new video demonstration on the subject.

Since an archiving workflow can be useful for all SharePoint users, not only if you connect Outlook to SharePoint with HelpDesk OSP, we have also added a description in the website Tips section.

Addition in July 2013: Now we also have this demo in a SharePoint 2013 version!

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

Addition, Nov. 2014: For customized archiving to an Access or SQL Server database, use the new Solution SP Archive!


  1. I am glad the article was useful to you, Joseph. You are very welcome to share it!

  2. Really quick and simple solution... I like, thank you for sharing :-)

    1. Thanks Davina. You can find more tips in the Tips section: