01 March 2011

Calendar Browser V7 Updated - Quicker Loading And Easier Client Install

Today has released a new version of Calendar Browser. Many have downloaded Calendar Browser since version 7 was released, and we have had some reports about errors. This is normal, because even if we test thoroughly and Alena is a very good QA it is impossible for us to try all different configuration combinations out there.

One of the complaints was slow loading of Outlook when Calendar Browser Client was installed, and that is fixed now. We have also rectified a conflict and a Unicode issue. Some users found it troublesome that the client had to select folder during the client tool installation, so that is done automatically now. I must agree with them ‒ we should have thought about that from the beginning!

This time we will give all evaluators of version 7 a new chance. Just like Community Members you are welcome to upgrade your installation at the upgrade page. The upgrade will give evaluators another 30 days of trial.

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