28 January 2011

Outlook Issue Tracking Tool Updated

Today has published an update of PF HelpDesk, to solve some irritating bugs. We had hoped to add the SQL Azure database alternative and some other improvements from the Plans page in this release also, but those new features are unfortunately not sufficiently tested yet. However, yesterday Sigge had to tell four Members to restart Outlook because they got an error message due to slow Outlook response, and that is at least three too many!

Two other problems also needed to be solved urgently: for some users blank tickets were created in the database, and running the Maintenance utility in the Settings could make all tickets set to closed, not only the ones that had been manually deleted from Outlook. We are grateful to the Members who reported these issues to us, as we had not discovered them in our tests. Now they are fixed together with the slow Outlook response error. Work with the enhancements continues with high priority, so we hope to soon give you another update with these included.

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