09 January 2011

iNameDays Adds Name Days To Your Default iPhone Calendar

iNameDays adds name days to your default calendar in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
The second name days product from Business Solution will hopefully soon be released. We have had a working product for a while, but no good design. Now everything is falling into place, and I can show you how the first screen will look in an iPhone. There might still be some minor changes, but we expect to see iNameDays at App Store in the near future.

There are already several apps on the market that add name days to a separate calendar, but iNameDays will add them to the default iOS calendar instead. We know many of you are waiting for this possibility for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, so please have patience for a while more. In the meantime you are of course welcome to use our free NameDays for your other calendars.

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