07 October 2010

SharePoint Exam 11th MCP Certification for CEO

Peter Kalmstrom, CEO of Business Solutions, Outlook and now also SharePoint expert
Peter Kalmstrom, Outlook expert and CEO of Business Solutions, is a man of many talents. He loves to learn and is always eager to try the latest technologies on the market. Since he is also my son I feel very proud to tell you that he now also may call himself SharePoint expert. Today he has passed Microsoft exam 070-576 PRO: Designing and Developing Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Applications. This test was released in July this year, so you see Peter has been quick as usual.

According to Microsoft the typical candidate for this exam is responsible for designing custom code for projects that are deployed to SharePoint servers, including technology selection across the many ways to build code in SharePoint. He or she is leading a team of SharePoint developers and has several years of experience of SharePoint and ASP.NET development. Please refer to Microsoft for a full description of the skills measured and the tasks Peter had to handle to get the qualification.

In the team we use our SharePoint intranet extensively, and we also use HelpDesk OSP, which is the only SharePoint application we market ‒ today. I am sure we will have a resource booking product for SharePoint eventually, and more will probably come because SharePoint is a platform for the future. Congratulations to your achievement, Peter! It will benefit the whole team and many users of
our products.