09 August 2010

Calendar Browser and Outlook 2010

Normally I like to blog very much, but today I would have preferred to not have been forced to share the news about Calendar Browser and Office 2010. We saw from the beginning that there were big problems with Calendar Browser and the Outlook 2010 Calendar, but problems are for solving and that is what our developers do all the time. Therefore we assumed this issue would also be solved, even if it would take more time than for our other products.

However, if the software we build on is too much altered, the task gets impossible. Now Microsoft has changed the calendar to no longer fully support Outlook View Control, and because of that users of Outlook 2010 can only create meetings from the Calendar Browser button, and they cannot edit them at all from within Calendar Browser. Of course this is not acceptable, but even if our developers have spent much time trying to solve this problem they have not succeeded and we cannot offer a functioning Calendar Browser for Outlook 2010. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this will cause users of Calendar Browser who wish to upgrade to Office 2010.

Our only alternative is to totally rebuild Calendar Browser, and today we have no possibility to do that. We don't think it is the right way to go either. Maybe we will build a SharePoint based solution for resource booking in the future, but those plans are yet vague. will continue to give support on Calendar Browser used with earlier versions of Outlook, and if we should find a solution to the problem later we will of course employ it.