26 July 2010

HelpDesk OSP uses the finer points of Office 2010

Co-operate on issue tracking and user support with Outlook and SharePoint/Office Live

Office 2010 is a challenge for developers, but it also gives new possibilities. Business Solutions will of course not only support the new Office version but also take advantage of the benefits it offers. Today we released a new version of HelpDesk OSP, the issue tracking application for Outlook and SharePoint or Office Live.

In the new HelpDesk OSP the Outlook buttons are no longer hidden under the Add-ins tab but shown under the Home tab. Our technicians have made use of the possibility to create two buttons in one, so that users with several SharePoint lists can easily choose among them by clicking the little arrow to the left on the button. If you have one list you just click the button.

I recommend Members who have already started to use Office 2010 or soon will do it to upgrade their installations. I am sure you will like the new design with fewer buttons! Also the manual has been updated of course,