31 May 2010

Updated TimeCard Gives New Possibilites For Appointment Subject Testimonials
Today we have had another release, as the Workgroup version of TimeCard was updated. This tool for time reporting from inside the Outlook Calendar has many users, so I know the new feature is welcome. It is now possible to write a subject of your own and still have the TimeCard data automatically added to the Subject. If you check the box for this alternative in Personal Settings, you may now have it all – both the metadata and you own comment. They are separated with :: to avoid misunderstandings, and the metadata always come first. Welcome to upgrade, Community Members!

28 May 2010

Excellent Statistics for Sweden and

Join Community to always have modern sofware and rapid supportToday we can feel happy in Sweden. The government agency Statistics Sweden has reported that Sweden's GDP increased by 3.0 percent in the first quarter - an astonishing recovery from the recession.

Also is going fast forward. In May Community has existed for six months, and we are glad we made the transfer to the new payment model. The number of Members is growing steadily, and we feel confident for the future. Now we have a group of organizations that will contribute to the development of our products for a long time to come, and they can feel sure we have their best in mind. Without you we are nothing, dear Members!

What surprises us a bit is that as much as 87 % of our full Members only use one product, even though they may use another one for free. Obviously that fact is not important for the Membership. Instead organizations like one of our products and decide that the Membership fee gives them good value for money also for only one product.

10 % of the Members use two products and only 3 % use three. 58 % of the Members are former customers, while 42 % are new to us. There are Community Members all over the globe, but Europe (48 %) and North America (46 %) dominate. We hope that all Members spread the word about Community, but we are especially grateful to you who work in other parts of the world!

16 May 2010

Public Folder HelpDesk V11 - One Step Closer to ITIL

Incident Management with PF HelpDesk for OutlookThe release of Public Folder HelpDesk V11 comes closer. In this version of our Outlook issue tracking application we have made an adjustment to ITIL terminology: The earlier terms Problem, Problem Type and Problem Category have been replaced by Incident, Incident Type and Incident Category.

In ITIL backed organizations the term Problem is used for recurring errors which need a long term solution, while Incident is an error that have a relatively quick solution. As most issues reported to a helpdesk is of the Incident kind, we decided to use that term instead.

As the PF HelpDesk V11 ticket form is easy to customize, you may of course use any terms that suits your organization in the tickets. However, from version 11 Incident is the default term for the problems, suggestions and other issues that PF HelpDesk helps workgroups to cooperate on.

03 May 2010

TimeReporting for the Lazy with TimeCard for Outlook

Make it easier to report with default data for TimeCard

In April the team released an update of the Workgroup version of TimeCard, the application that lets users report time and expenses directly from inside the Outlook Calendar. Today also the Single version has the same improvements and also an additional feature.

A Single user pointed out to us that she wanted to see the default values in the appointment also, when she had enabled default values for empty fields in Personal Settings. Earlier new appointments were not marked with the default values, but they were added at time of appointment posting. Now users who wish to see the default data when they create a new appointment just have to check a box once in the Settings. This box is only active is default values for empty fields is enabled, of course.  

We are always grateful for suggestions that will make our products even more efficient and smooth. The users are the experts on this, and if at all possible our development experts will do their best to make the suggestion reality.