15 February 2010

PF HelpDesk fully supports Unicode

Issue tracking and user support in Outlook with PF HelpDesk from kalmstrom.comAs you might have heard we are working on version 11 of Public Folder HelpDesk, (which also can be installed in a shared mailbox). That release will hopefully come this spring, but in the meantime we also make some improvements to the current version of this popular issue tracking application.

We want all our products to fully support Unicode, and today most of them do – also PF HelpDesk after today’s new release. The Unicode support for PF HelpDesk proved to be a real challenge, but as usual our Lead Developer Bahrur Ipham managed to solve the problems.

In version 11 we will try to redesign the templates and notifications settings, because the current design is not optimal. Today it has been a bit better, though, since we have added a template for the alert 'Automatic email to responsible on reply received' and a checkbox under the Others Settings tab for enabling it. The alert is sent to the responsible staff when an email reply from the caller is received by the helpdesk, if the box is checked and some text is added to the default template. The manual is updated with this new information.

As usual Community Members and Support Customers are welcome to upgrade your installations. And if you have not tried PF HelpDesk yet but need a good way to cooperate around support cases within Outlook, you are welcome to download and try PF HepDesk for 30 days.