21 January 2010

Resource Management in Outlook for All Languages

Book resources and supplies as easily as you make an appointmement in the Outlook Calendar - with Calendar Browser from kalmstrom.comThe resource management application Calendar Browser has been updated to full support of Unicode. With Calendar Browser you can book resources and supplies just as easy as you make an appointment in the Outlook Calendar, and the administration is given smart tools for descriptions of the resources and for following up their use. In this release Calendar Browser has also been given an overall enhancement, as a number of smaller issues has been fixed. Refer to the Revisions page for a full list of the improvements.

Now you can describe your resources in a correct way whether your language is Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Chinese etc. and of course also our special Nordic characters are supported. These resources might be anything that you need to share and book in advance within the organization - machines, rooms, cars and even people whose services may be booked. No wonder Calendar Browser has been so popular during its comparatively long life.

Peter first developed Calendar Browser for a Swedish town in the year 2000, when they could not find a suitable product for their room booking. After that the demand for this application grew, and he decided to market a standard solution. As you understand some of our users have been with us for many years now, and it feels really good to be able to offer them a continuously improved application.

Welcome to upgrade, Members and Support Customers, and welcome to try Calendar Browser if you have not yet tested it. You will be surprised that such an easy to use software can be so effective!