08 November 2009

A United Team with HelpDesk OSP and OWA

Our family business Business Solutions has released a new version of Co-operate on issue tracking and user support with Outlook and SharePoint/Office LiveHelpDesk OSP, the add-in for issue tracking and user support that connects Outlook to SharePoint or Office Live. Now it is also possible to use the e-mail threading feature for e-mails sent to or from Outlook Web Access (OWA). That is how we use HelpDesk OSP for the support.

The members of the team is spread over the world. We are in Sweden, India, Russia and Spain, so HelpDesk OSP is perfect for our support handling. The application is running on a server, where it converts e-mails to tickets around the clock. The tickets are gathered at our SharePoint intranet, where we all can comment on them. In the list we have added several columns for information that is important for our cooperation, like "Remote session invitation sent", "Status" and "Help needed". I am proud to say that this last column has a default value of No, because my husband Sigge and I are the ones who need the help ‒ when our technical knowledge is not sufficient.

The ticket list is connected to our customer database, so when your e-mail has been converted to a ticket I can select it and get information about you and your purchases in the same window. This is of course very convenient and helps us give better service, something that I hope at least Community members will notice. One of our aims for the newly launched Community is getting to know our customers better to give more adequate assistance.

The new HelpDesk OSP has no purchase possibility inside the product, as the older versions had, and we have also removed the purchase page from the website. Now that we have a subscription system these are not necessary. Once you are a Community member you don't have to buy anything more!