25 November 2009

TimeCard Single updated to match the Workgroup version

TimeCard lets you report time and expenses directly from the Outlook Calendar.Yesterday Business Solutions have had another release, of the Single version of TimeCard. This add-in that makes it possible for users to report time and expenses entered in their Outlook Calendar Appointments directly from the Calendar to the database has become increasingly popular. Now the Single version has the same features and fixes (if applicable) as Big Brother, the Workgroup version, which was updated last week.

Users of TimeCard Single report to a local Access database that is created by TimeCard. This database is open, and they also have the same statistics tool as the Workgroup version. Therefore they have the same possibilities to analyze their data and draw conclusions from it, and they can also use it to get data for invoicing. Also the Export to Excel feature is present in the Single version and is useful for exploration of data.

TimeCard Single is not included in the Community software, since it is not intended for organizations. It is still purchased as before, with the Single Support contract that also allows free upgrades. New in the latest version is that the dropdowns and the Settings dialog fits into a screen of 800x600. We often use smaller screens nowadays, not bigger like with television! The evaluation period has be prolonged to 60 days, and some problems when using three TimeCard values has been corrected.