18 November 2009

TimeCard for Outlook - now with longer trial period

TimeCard lets you report time and expenses directly from the Outlook Calendar. Do you find the trial periods for the products too short? Some do, especially those who evaluate TimeCard Workgroup. Therefore this application for time reporting directly from inside the Outlook Calendar now has a trial period of 60 days instead of the earlier 30. Yesterday's update cannot brag about striking new features, but some bugs have been fixed so please upgrade if you have had any problems with the application. For a full list of the fixes, refer to the Revisions page.

The new version of TimeCard Workgroup has no purchase possibility in the register dialog, since that is not necessary with our new payment scheme, Community. Now members may just ask us for a free registration key ‒ and if they are Premium Members they don't even need to register! In my opinion organizations which use TimeCard Workgroup are the ones who benefit the most from the Community model. Earlier they had to buy additional licenses for their users, but now the number of TimeCard users is unlimited for all three membership levels. And some of our TimeCard customers really have a lot of users!

Have you not tried TimeCard yet? Welcome to do it, especially if you plan to join Community anyway ‒ or are one of those who already have become members. Add TimeCard to the other product you use or are trying, and you will get very high value for money.