23 November 2009

Teamwork gives new version of Public Folder HelpDesk

Our new QA Engineer does really keep the developers busy! Today we have released an update of our issue tracking software PF HelpDeskan application that can be installed in a shared mailbox as well as in a public folder and that works totally inside Outlook. As much as twelve bugs have been fixed. Of course they were not critical, but they were still annoying for the users who experienced them.

We are happy to have such a good team, with a thorough tester and developers who know how to fix the problems, but we also depend on customers who report issues. Sometimes our technicians cannot replicate an error, and in those cases the cooperation from the user is invaluable.

Have you or your colleagues experienced a problem with PF HelpDesk? Are your organization a Support Customer or a Community Member? (Yes, some have joined the Community already.) In that case you are welcome to upgrade your installation. There is a great chance that the
issue will disappear