19 November 2009

Office 2010 - a fascinating challenge for

Three years ago Business Solutions adapted all products to Office 2007, and now we have a new, interesting challenge to meet ‒ Office 2010. Today the Beta version was released, and you can feel sure the team will study, learn and adapt our products to support and take advantage of the new features.

Office 2010 uses the interface ribbon introduced with Office 2007, but it has been updated and is now used by all programs in the suite. One major change that the clever developers in the team will have to figure out, is how to remove the command bars from the Explorer windows and instead integrate them in the ribbon. But don't worry, they will manage it!

Since Office 2007 was released there has been an explosion in both working away from the office and in social networking, and Office 2010 addresses these changes by making it much easier to share and reach content using PC, phone or web. What also fascinates me as a non-technician is the new "Social Connector" in Outlook. It might of course just as well be used for business connections, and I look forward to exploring it.

Microsoft has not set a date for the final release of Office 2010, but it should be before the second half of 2010. We will do our outmost to have all products compatible by then, just like we had with Windows 7 when it was launched in October. At the same time we have more to play with, because Microsoft also released other Beta versions today: SharePoint Server 2010, Project 2010, Visio 2010, Office Web Apps for businesses and Office Mobile 2010. Being in this business means a continuous learning and development, and that is what I love about it!