30 December 2009

Outlook helpdesk supports Unicode

Cooperate on issues in OutlookThe Unicode work at Business Solutions goes on, and today we have released an updated PF HelpDesk that supports all characters. Unicode is a standard that allows computers to represent text expressed in most of the world's writing systems in a consistent way. As this standard is used in the Microsoft products the applications are built on, it is possible for to make products that can be used all over the world and by users with different kinds of alphabets. PF HelpDesk is already used in countries with non-Latin characters, and for them I hope this new feature will be a great improvement. 

More and more companies decide to invest in a helpdesk system for issue tracking and user support, and for a team that is connected within a LAN PF HelpDesk is a good choice. PF HelpDesk can be installed in an Exchange public folder or in a shared mailbox. (For a more distributed group we recommend HelpDesk OSP for Outlook and SharePoint/Office live.)

Since Outlook only fully supports Unicode from version 2003, this enhancement of PF HelpDesk actually also gives it a limitation. Now the PF HelpDesk administrator installation must be performed from a system with Outlook 2003 or higher. This is not required for the client tool installation, only for the installation on the sever, and users with Outlook 2000 and 2002 can still work with the tickets.

Welcome to try the new PF HelpDesk!

27 December 2009 Community has new page on Facebook

Welcome back after the holiday! We have had a good time, but yesterday I took some time to create a Community page on Facebook. So far we have not many fans, but you are welcome to be one!

The Facebook page will give the same kind of information as the blog and newsletter, but if you use Facebook, the Community page is a convenient way to check what is new at

However there is one big difference between the Facebook page and our other information channels: you may comment. And I hope you will do that! We in the team get good response from users of our products via the support e-mail and chat, but this is a chance to let other users see your comments - and comment in their turn.

If it turns out well we hope to have several discussions going. It will be very interesting and in line with the closer customer contact we strive for with Community.

24 December 2009

Swedish Christmas holidays

Swedish red cottage in snow. Photo: Tore Larsson

In Sweden Christmas is the most important holiday of the year, maybe because we need some light and festivities during the long, dark and cold winter. Even before the Swedes were christened a big feast was celebrated at the winter solstice.

This year my husband and I have travelled from our home in Spain to spend the holiday with the family. We have experienced snow for the first time in ten years, and the temperature has been down to -15°C. Most Swedes like the snow, because of the light it brings during this dark season. Everything looks clean and fresh with the snow, but you have to bundle up with warm clothes and thread carefully when you go out.

Not only is Christmas the most important Swedish holiday, but today, Christmas Eve, is also the most important day of Christmas. Families get together to eat too much traditional food, and Santa Claus comes with presents. But many prefer an alternative Christmas, with less food and few or no presents, either they spend it with family or friends or join a gathering arranged by an organization.

I wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas!

22 December 2009

Calendar Browser: Speed Is Not Everything - But Important Enough!

Book resources inside the Outlook calendar as easy as you make an appointment - with Calendar BrowserThe team is happy to announce that version 6.1 of Calendar Browser was released today. Calendar Browser is a tool for booking and handling the resources within an organization. Booking resources and supplies is as easy as making an appointment in the Outlook calendar, and there are also smooth ways to describe the resources and to follow up their usage.

In version 6.1 our developers worked much with the speed, to make Calendar Browser quicker to work with. They have tried to make both the Book supplies application and the Overview load quicker, and our QA engineer has clocked the time on different systems to confirm that they have really succeeded. The Book supplies window is not only loaded quicker, but when it is filled out it is also saved and closed faster than before.

The new Calendar Browser of course has the latest, Unicode supporting OLAP Reporting Tool, that I have written about in earlier blogs. In Calendar Browser the Overview is used for studying future resource bookings, and OLAP Reporting Tool gives statistics on earlier usage of resources. For a list of the improvements in Calendar Browser V6.1, refer to the Calendar Browser revisions page.

I recommend all current users to upgrade, to get a quicker application. As the registration process in version 6.1 is a bit changed, (to accommodate users where the clients have different time zone settings) you have to register again when you have upgraded your installation.

Have you not tried Calendar Browser yet? Welcome to evaluate the application for 30 days without any obligations! If you are a Community Member you may add it to the other products you already use without extra cost. And if you are not a Member yet ‒ we are waiting for you!

18 December 2009

E-mail Images in SharePoint List Items with HelpDesk OSP

Co-operate on issue tracking and user support with Outlook and SharePoint/Office LiveHelpDesk OSP, the add-in that connects Outlook to SharePoint or Office Live, has become an increasingly popular tool for for issue tracking and user support.

Now our developers have found a way to embed images in the list objects. This means that if the e-mail has any embedded or inline images, they will appear at exactly the same place when the e-mail has been converted to a ticket.
It looks very nice. Enlarge the image and see for yourself!

HelpDesk OSP has integrated the statistics tool OLAP Reporting Tool, and updated HelpDesk OSP has of course the new version of OLAP Reporting Tool which supports Unicode. Welcome to try HelpDesk OSP! All Community Members are very welcome to upgrade their installations and get an even better product without any extra cost.

10 December 2009

Statistics Tool With Full Support of Unicode

Analyze data with OLAP Reporting Tool and improve business intelligence.OLAP Reporting Tool is by far the most used application from Business Solutions, and the explanation for this is that it is not only a stand-alone product. OLAP Reporting Tool is also integrated in four other products – Calendar Browser, HelpDesk OSP, PF HelpDesk and TimeCard. All these are enhanced by OLAP Reporting Tool, the powerful statistics software that helps the management to organize data into simple, understandable graphs and tables. This means that improvements in OLAP Reporting Tool affect most of the customers, so we are especially happy about today's update.

Version 3.1 of OLAP Reporting Tool supports all characters. To manage that our skilful developers, Bahrur Ipham and Jayant Rimza, added a new dependency library 'Microsoft Windows Common Controls 5.0'. Most users already have the file comctl32.ocx in their system, but those who don't will be prompted to download this free product from Microsoft.

Today the stand-alone product was released, and the new OLAP Reporting Tool will of course be added in the next updates of the four applications where it is integrated. This means that the team looks forward to an increase in the use of the products in parts of the world where the Latin alphabet is not dominating. It feels very exciting!

30 November 2009

More Exposure for the Documentation

When I updated the manuals and slideshows for Community I have also added a new way to present this documentation on the website. The quality is not as good as if you download the documents, but my hope is that more visitors will actually download and read them when they first can see how they look.

After only a few days I can see that this assumption is correct. The statistics for the HelpDesk OSP slideshow, which I uploaded first, seven days ago, show that most of the visitors to the HelpDesk OSP homepage also watched the slideshow presented there.

We spend much time trying to make our documentation as good as possible, and most customers and evaluators use it, but now and then we get questions showing that the caller has not studied any of the documentation. Of course it is impossible to explain better with a few words in an e-mail or a chat than we can do in documents with images where we really have thought about how to be pedagogic.

I am a teacher and author of school books, so I am responsible for the documentation. But the rest of the team also help out, and I could not do much without the technicians. Customers and evaluators are other important "proofreaders". We often change or add text, especially in the manuals and on the web site, because user questions or suggestions make us understand how the descriptions can be improved. Therefore you are always welcome to contact us with any comments!

25 November 2009

TimeCard Single updated to match the Workgroup version

TimeCard lets you report time and expenses directly from the Outlook Calendar.Yesterday Business Solutions have had another release, of the Single version of TimeCard. This add-in that makes it possible for users to report time and expenses entered in their Outlook Calendar Appointments directly from the Calendar to the database has become increasingly popular. Now the Single version has the same features and fixes (if applicable) as Big Brother, the Workgroup version, which was updated last week.

Users of TimeCard Single report to a local Access database that is created by TimeCard. This database is open, and they also have the same statistics tool as the Workgroup version. Therefore they have the same possibilities to analyze their data and draw conclusions from it, and they can also use it to get data for invoicing. Also the Export to Excel feature is present in the Single version and is useful for exploration of data.

TimeCard Single is not included in the Community software, since it is not intended for organizations. It is still purchased as before, with the Single Support contract that also allows free upgrades. New in the latest version is that the dropdowns and the Settings dialog fits into a screen of 800x600. We often use smaller screens nowadays, not bigger like with television! The evaluation period has be prolonged to 60 days, and some problems when using three TimeCard values has been corrected.

23 November 2009

Teamwork gives new version of Public Folder HelpDesk

Our new QA Engineer does really keep the developers busy! Today we have released an update of our issue tracking software PF HelpDeskan application that can be installed in a shared mailbox as well as in a public folder and that works totally inside Outlook. As much as twelve bugs have been fixed. Of course they were not critical, but they were still annoying for the users who experienced them.

We are happy to have such a good team, with a thorough tester and developers who know how to fix the problems, but we also depend on customers who report issues. Sometimes our technicians cannot replicate an error, and in those cases the cooperation from the user is invaluable.

Have you or your colleagues experienced a problem with PF HelpDesk? Are your organization a Support Customer or a Community Member? (Yes, some have joined the Community already.) In that case you are welcome to upgrade your installation. There is a great chance that the
issue will disappear

19 November 2009

Office 2010 - a fascinating challenge for

Three years ago Business Solutions adapted all products to Office 2007, and now we have a new, interesting challenge to meet ‒ Office 2010. Today the Beta version was released, and you can feel sure the team will study, learn and adapt our products to support and take advantage of the new features.

Office 2010 uses the interface ribbon introduced with Office 2007, but it has been updated and is now used by all programs in the suite. One major change that the clever developers in the team will have to figure out, is how to remove the command bars from the Explorer windows and instead integrate them in the ribbon. But don't worry, they will manage it!

Since Office 2007 was released there has been an explosion in both working away from the office and in social networking, and Office 2010 addresses these changes by making it much easier to share and reach content using PC, phone or web. What also fascinates me as a non-technician is the new "Social Connector" in Outlook. It might of course just as well be used for business connections, and I look forward to exploring it.

Microsoft has not set a date for the final release of Office 2010, but it should be before the second half of 2010. We will do our outmost to have all products compatible by then, just like we had with Windows 7 when it was launched in October. At the same time we have more to play with, because Microsoft also released other Beta versions today: SharePoint Server 2010, Project 2010, Visio 2010, Office Web Apps for businesses and Office Mobile 2010. Being in this business means a continuous learning and development, and that is what I love about it!

18 November 2009

TimeCard for Outlook - now with longer trial period

TimeCard lets you report time and expenses directly from the Outlook Calendar. Do you find the trial periods for the products too short? Some do, especially those who evaluate TimeCard Workgroup. Therefore this application for time reporting directly from inside the Outlook Calendar now has a trial period of 60 days instead of the earlier 30. Yesterday's update cannot brag about striking new features, but some bugs have been fixed so please upgrade if you have had any problems with the application. For a full list of the fixes, refer to the Revisions page.

The new version of TimeCard Workgroup has no purchase possibility in the register dialog, since that is not necessary with our new payment scheme, Community. Now members may just ask us for a free registration key ‒ and if they are Premium Members they don't even need to register! In my opinion organizations which use TimeCard Workgroup are the ones who benefit the most from the Community model. Earlier they had to buy additional licenses for their users, but now the number of TimeCard users is unlimited for all three membership levels. And some of our TimeCard customers really have a lot of users!

Have you not tried TimeCard yet? Welcome to do it, especially if you plan to join Community anyway ‒ or are one of those who already have become members. Add TimeCard to the other product you use or are trying, and you will get very high value for money.

16 November 2009

Peter Kalmstrom at SharePoint and Exchange Forum 2009 in Stockholm

For the sixth consecutive year Scandinavia's biggest conference about SharePoint and Exchange is held in Stockholm today and tomorrow. As Microsoft Sweden is one of the organizers, Exchange 2010 will also be officially released in Sweden at SharePoint and Exchange Forum 2009.
A number of seminars are held, both very advanced ones for "nerds" like developers and other IT Pros and more accessible seminars for business management. The aim of the conference is to give practical tips on how to solve common needs and challenges.

The Forum has an impressive group of internationally well known speakers, and Peter, our CEO and creator of our products, is of course among them. When I write this he has just had his workshop on how to become more efficient with smart tools for Outlook. Many were interested in listening to Peter's seminar and to learn how Outlook add-ins in combination with SharePoint and Exchange can make work run smoother. He demonstrated the applications Calendar Browser, HelpDesk OSP, Public Folder HelpDesk and TimeCard, and he also showed the Skype toolbars he has created.

Furthermore Peter discussed advantages and disadvantages of using both newer .NET-techniques and the older COM add-in techniques and showed how has build software using both. At this forum it was of course also very suitable to describe our simple but powerful method to connect SharePoint and OWA, which we have used in the latest version of HelpDesk OSP and which all Exchange administrators can use. Peter would not say so much himself, but I am sure his contribution to this conference will be remembered and appreciated by many.

12 November 2009

An Indian engagement Business Solutions congratulates developer Jayant Rimza and his fiancé Sushma Likhar, who were engaged this last Sunday. Jayant took two days off for the journey to the town where Sushma lives, and he came back happy but tired! Now he is working as hard as usual again.

The engagement ceremony was organized at Sushma’s place, where family and relatives of Jayant and Sushma gathered to celebrate the first formal party of the forthcoming wedding ceremony. Both families exchanged gifts, sweets and good wishes. The photo was taken at the ring ceremony, which is done to solemnize the engagement ceremony. After that there was a dinner for all family members and guests at the ceremony.

The team wishes Jayant and Sushma all the best for the future!

08 November 2009 Community Launched

The Swedish software developer Business Solutions today takes a new step towards the future when launching Community, a new model for the relation between the team and our customers.

Instead of buying Calendar Browser, HelpDesk OSP, Public Folder HelpDesk, SP Attach and TimeCard Workgroup the Community members pay a monthly fee and have the right to use all products, with an unlimited number of users, full support and free upgrades. The rest of our products can be bought separately, but they are of course included for free use by Community Members.

We hope that the Community level will benefit our customers, who can freely use more software that will make their work more efficient, and for us in the team it feels like a better way of working. With a subscription system we know our approximate revenues and can concentrate on giving service and improving the products. This feels important now when so many Microsoft programs have been or will soon be released, like Windows 7, Exchange 2010, Office 2010, .NET 4.0 and SharePoint 4. We will keep our software compatible, don't worry!

A United Team with HelpDesk OSP and OWA

Our family business Business Solutions has released a new version of Co-operate on issue tracking and user support with Outlook and SharePoint/Office LiveHelpDesk OSP, the add-in for issue tracking and user support that connects Outlook to SharePoint or Office Live. Now it is also possible to use the e-mail threading feature for e-mails sent to or from Outlook Web Access (OWA). That is how we use HelpDesk OSP for the support.

The members of the team is spread over the world. We are in Sweden, India, Russia and Spain, so HelpDesk OSP is perfect for our support handling. The application is running on a server, where it converts e-mails to tickets around the clock. The tickets are gathered at our SharePoint intranet, where we all can comment on them. In the list we have added several columns for information that is important for our cooperation, like "Remote session invitation sent", "Status" and "Help needed". I am proud to say that this last column has a default value of No, because my husband Sigge and I are the ones who need the help ‒ when our technical knowledge is not sufficient.

The ticket list is connected to our customer database, so when your e-mail has been converted to a ticket I can select it and get information about you and your purchases in the same window. This is of course very convenient and helps us give better service, something that I hope at least Community members will notice. One of our aims for the newly launched Community is getting to know our customers better to give more adequate assistance.

The new HelpDesk OSP has no purchase possibility inside the product, as the older versions had, and we have also removed the purchase page from the website. Now that we have a subscription system these are not necessary. Once you are a Community member you don't have to buy anything more!

01 November 2009

Join Community Business Solutions today takes a new step towards the future when launching Community, a new model for the relation between the team and our customers.

Instead of buying Calendar Browser, HelpDesk OSP, Public Folder HelpDesk and TimeCard Workgroup the Community members pay a monthly fee and have the right to use all products, with an unlimited number of users, full support and free upgrades. The rest of our products can be bought separately, but they are of course included for free use by Community Members.

We hope that the Community level will benefit our customers, who can freely use more software that will make their work more efficient, and for us in the team it feels like a better way of working. With a subscription system we know our approximate revenues and can concentrate on giving service and improving the products. This feels important now when so many Microsoft programs have been or will soon be released, like Windows 7, Exchange 2010, Office 2010, .NET 4.0 and SharePoint 4. We will keep our software compatible, don't worry!

Welcome to visit the new Community pages. We have them in English and Swedish so far, but German and Spanish will soon follow. And don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions about Community!

25 October 2009 supports Windows 7

Congratulations to Microsoft who released their new operating system Windows 7 this week! All our products are of course compatible with both the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions, and also with the server counterpart Windows Server 2008 R2. In comparison with the adaptation to Vista this one has been fairly easy, and I think the transfer from Vista to Windows 7 will go rather smoothly for the common user too. (We heard some complaints when Vista was introduced!)

I guess you have read reviews on this latest operating system, and maybe also tried it, so I will only say that I have used the Beta version since this spring and like it. My greatest worry was that my old software would not work with Win7. All developers are not as quick in making their products compatible as! However, Microsoft has solved this problem elegantly by offering a compatibility troubleshooter.Works with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2
I just had to right click the installer and tell which OS the software worked with, and the problem was almost always solved. In one case I have to run the program as administrator, even though I am logged in as administrator, but I can live with that.

The image you see to the right is given by Microsoft to products that support both Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, and I am sure you recognize it from the home pages of all products, as they have been there for a while. Now our technicians have already started with next challenge ‒ to make all our applications compatible with Office 2010!

Kate Kalmstrom
Sales, Business Solutions

18 October 2009

TimeCard for Outlook gets a New Look

With TimeCard users report time and expenses from within the Outlook Calendar
TimeCard, the add-in that makes it possible to report time and expenses from within the Outlook Calendar, has been updated with several improvements. All customers who update and use Outlook 2007 will see at once that TimeCard has a new look, as the dropdowns have been moved to the ribbon. This gives the appointment a nicer look, don't you think?

The new version also have other improvements and some ways to stop users from making fools of themselves! Now it is impossible to mess with the data by setting a whole day appointment to more than 24 hours or a lunch meeting to more than 7! For a full list, refer to the TimeCard revisions page.
As usual Support Customers have the right to free upgrades.
Are you not a TimeCard customer yet? Welcome to try the full version of TimeCard for 30 days without any obligations. We have both a Single and a Workgroup version.

14 October 2009 Gets Stronger Presence at Technorati

I feel so proud today, because I have been invited to be a guest writer at one of the world’s most important blog portals, Technorati. This blog has of course been present at Technorati before, but now I hope more readers will find my texts useful ‒ and maybe also entertaining!

My first article was published today and tells a bit about how the team uses Skype chats to communicate efficiently even though we live in different countries. Welcome to read and comment the article at Technorati!

13 October 2009 software at the French Office Marketplace

Products from are of course recommended by Microsoft. For a long time our applications have been represented at Office Marketplace in different countries, but we are not satisfied  yet. We started applying at the English speaking sites, and now we are represented and rated at all those sites. Next step was
Sweden, Germany, Spain, Mexico and French Canada, and most of our products are now up on those sites too. But not all, because it takes very long and is not an easy process. Therefore we are happy to announce that Calendar Browser, HelpDesk OSP, OLAP Reporting Tool, Public Folder HelpDesk and TimeCard are now represented at the French Office Marketplace also. Calendar Browser and HelpDesk OSP even have had time to get five star ratings! Welcome to rate the product you use by clicking the linked product name above. It will take you to
the Ratings page, where we have gathered all the Marketplaces for that product. Many and high ratings for our products will increase the interest for them, which will benefit us all!

New QA in the team

The team is happy to welcome a new QA Engineer, Dina Romanova from Russia. In September our earlier QA, Saurabh Verma, moved to a lead QA position at Mindtree, and we took the opportunity to bring this talented woman into the group and thus also expanding our language coverage.

After taking a bachelor's degree at Novosibirsk State University, which is considered one of the best universities in Russia, Dina has worked with testing a couple of years and earned good experience. She has also continued her studies at Institute of Informatics Systems, Programming chair, and in June she will defend her master's degree. Dina's hobby is figure skating. Her parents in law live in the USA, and she likes to visit them.

Dina is going through our products one by one, and she has already given us valued input on TimeCard, HelpDesk OSP and Calendar Browser. You will all benefit from it eventually, as the improved products are released. Dina will soon start helping us with support and online chat. Her English is excellent, but you may of course also write to her in Russian. We wish Saurabh all the best and feel confident that this change will be good for all parties.

Kate Kalmstrom
Sales, Business Solutions

12 October 2009

More Alternatives for Product Manuals

The manuals for the products are very much used and necessary for a deeper understanding of how the software works. So far we have supplied them only as Word files, and the reason for that was that we wanted customers to have a possibility of easily changing the text and adapt it for their needs.

However, several customers has asked for a .pfd version, so now we offer that alternative too. Now, when you click a Manual link, you will be directed to the product's manual page. There you can either download the manual in the format you prefer or open it and read it online.

When a new feature is added to a product, the manual is updated at the same time as the new version is released. The manuals are also updated at other times, for example when a support question makes us understand that something needs to be explained further. Therefore, we recommend support customers to always upgrade their manuals when they upgrade the product.

We try to update the slideshows as often as the manuals. For the demonstrations it is more difficult since a remake takes longer time than an update of written text and screen shots. So even if the demonstrations are very good complements, for the most extensive documentation, use the manual!

Kate Kalmstrom
Sales, Business Solutions

A Way to Conquer the World

Unicode is a standard that allows computers to represent text expressed in most of the world's writing systems in a consistent way. As this standard is used in the Microsoft products we build on, it is possible for to make products that can be used all over the world and by users with different kinds of alphabets. It might be difficult for us to test on languages where we cannot understand the characters, but if a user points out problems we can quickly do something about them thanks to the Unicode standard.

With TimeCard users report time and expenses in the Outlook CalendarThis was the case when a TimeCard customer with users all over the world told us about problems with TimeCard in Greek, ελληνικά, and Hebrew, עברית. As this was a Premium Trusted Support Customer they were entitled to extra rapid support, and we could give them an update on the second day. But even for a regular Support Customer this fix should not take long, so please tell us if you have problems in some languages. Now the new version is published for all.

As a not very technical person interested in languages, I think this Unicode standard is fantastic. And as Sales manager, I am of course thrilled over the possibility to spread the products over the world!

Kate Kalmstrom

PF HelpDesk update on customer requests

Calendar Browser for Outlook - for efficient resource managementThe team has been busy these last days, and several updates have been released. The most important one is the PF HelpDesk update, which gives users some good enhancements that customers have asked for and that we have decided to add.

Our sponsor Standard & Poor's has invested in a new feature for ticket history in the ticket body or subfolders: an alert to the responsible staff when a new e-mail is added. Earlier there was no way to determine that the ticket or subfolder had been updated, except to open it. Now an e-mail can be sent automatically to the Responsible. In Outlook 2007 a follow up flag is also shown on the ticket. A new template for the notifcation is added under the Templates tab in the PF HelpDesk settings.

This alert feature becomes even more powerful as it is combined with a request from another customer: that the Open Ticket button should work also on e-mails to the Responsible. The Responsible just have to select the notification e-mail and click the Open Ticket button ‒ and the correct ticket is shown.

Several other small but useful additions make PF HelpDesk an even more interesting application for issue tracking inside Outlook. For a full list, refer to the Revisions page. Support customers have the right to upgrade for free, and remember that we listen extra carefully to our support customers. Sometimes we have to ask for sponsorships for the development, but even if you cannot afford that your suggestions are always welcome.

Our helpdesk product for SharePoint/Office Live has also been updated this week, and so has SP Attach, the application that changes Outlook's standard behavior for attached files. These are only smaller updates to fix bugs that have been reported to us. Thanks for pointing them out and giving us a chance to make our products better!

Kate Kalmstrom
Sales developer Microsoft Certified

Today the team has reason to celebrate. We congratulate our developer Jayant Rimza, who has passed the exams for MCTS certification. Jayant is now a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, expert in implementing, building, troubleshooting, and debugging Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Application Development Foundation. He is also a master of Web-Based Client Development.

We were not surprised when Jayant managed these papers with very high scores, because he has shown excellent technical problem-solving skills in the work with our products. Many of you already benefit from them, even though you might not be aware of it!  We are happy to have this clever guy in the team.

E-mail threading for HelpDesk OSP

HelpDesk OSP, for Outlook and SharePoint, the application that makes SharePoint a versatile tool for issue tracking and user supportThe technicians of the team ‒ CTO Bahrur Ipham, QA Engineer Saurabh Verma and developer Jayant Rimza ‒ have once again shown their excellence, this time by adding an e-mail threading feature to HelpDesk OSP. The work has not been easy and it has required much time, but now we are proud to present version 2 of our issue tracking software for Outlook and SharePoint or Office Live. The new and much awaited e-mail thread means that you don't have to create a new ticket for each e-mail. Instead the new part of each e-mail about the same case will be added to the first ticket in chronological order, which makes the conversation very easy to follow. All attachments are of course included.

If you want to use the e-mail threading there are some settings that has to be defined. We have described them in the updated manual, section, 12.4. They are also presented in a faq.

Welcome to try HelpDesk OSP V2! And if you already use HelpDesk OSP, I recommend you to upgrade your installation to enjoy this new feature.

Kate Kalmstrom
Sales, Business Solutions