09 April 2019

Multiboard Solution for Kanban Task Manager SharePoint Editions

Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint logotype Today, I am delighted to announce the release of a new product, Kanban Task Manager Multiboard, to be used with the SharePoint editions of Kanban Task Manager. The Multiboard shows kanban boards from several installations on one page, so that managers can get a quick overview of the work progress in different departments.

Kanban Task Manager SharePoint Editions
Kanban Task Manager helps a workgroup to collaborate on projects and tasks on a virtual kanban board. The solution comes in two SharePoint editions: Sandboxed and Add-in/App, and both can very well be used on more than one SharePoint site within the organization.

Visualizing the work process on a kanban board is just one of the Kanban Task Manager features. The solution also gives various other possibilities to make work more efficient. The product is continuously enhanced, and this time, the developers have created Kanban Task Manager Multiboard, a sandboxed solution which can be used with both SharePoint editions of Kanban Task Manager.

Visualize all kanban boards on one page
The Multiboard is designed for organizations who use Kanban Task Manager on multiple SharePoint sites. It is time consuming for managers to open every Kanban Task Manager site to see the kanban board and check the work status.

To make the process quick and easy, the team came up with the Multiboard solution. The Multiboard reads all the SharePoint sites across the SharePoint farm or tenant and displays the kanban boards from the sites where Kanban Task Manager is used. Then the manager can select which boards should be shown on the Multiboard page.

Graphical representations
The kanban boards are arranged on top of each other along with their respective site names, and they can of course be collapsed to avoid scrolling.

The main purpose of the Multiboard, is to give managers a quick overview. Therefore, every board on the page has progress bars and other graphical representations that give information about open tasks.

To make it more precise, each kanban board has a common progress bar that gives the open tasks count and percentage. Each lane also has a progress bar and columns chart that represents the open tasks in each phase.
Charts in Multiboard
Free for Medium and Premium subscribers
If your organization is a Medium or a Premium subscriber to Kanban Task Manager SharePoint editions, you can use Kanban Task Manager Multiboard at no extra cost. You are welcome to download the solution from the website.

Minimum subscribers need to upgrade to a Medium or a Premium subscription to use the Multiboard. Me and my colleagues at the Sales department are here to help you, if you wish to switch to a higher subscription level or have other subscription related queries.

The Kanban Task Manager Multiboard manual describes the features and functionalities of the Multiboard in detail, so I recommend that you study it. In case you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Support team. They will be happy to help you!

By Dipti Francis
Executive Assistant Business Solutions